Branding is key for any successful company, it adds value before a customer has become a customer, can help build a relationship of trust that brings long term repeat business and can influence people to choose one company over another.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you will do things differently.
— Warren Buffett - Business Magnate, Investor and Philanthropist.

Below is a simplified approach to visual identity...


Research within

This is the starting point, a comprehensive review of the company, what it offers and to who, the history, the values and personality, the ambitions and plans, the culture and the team.


outward Research

Here we look at what the direct competitors doing, followed by companies in the same sector. What we are looking for here opportunities for our new brand is to standout, gaps where we can possibly position the brand so it has maximum impact and can capitalise on missed opportunities by the competitors.


Set the direction

Work up some mood boards made up of typography, imagery or even video sample to set the tone of the different directions we can take the brand. If the brand needs a name we start look at the options and decide on a winner. Here we are trying to get a sense of the brand values, attitude and feel.


Identity & voice

Starting with a sketches and then quickly onto the mac to work up in more detail. Options can be discussed few options in which one will take the lead. At this stage we work more into the outward personality.


Chosen route

The chosen identity and attitude is then developed fully fleshed out including mock execution examples and graphic elements to show the brand at work.


Guide and protect

To protect the future use of your brand, guidelines are produced so that anyone working with your brand knows what the do's and don'ts are which keeps brand consistency. They include things like colours, fonts, logo placement, tone of voice. At this stage intellectual property rights would be purchased.



Execution and launch

Execution of the brand across all company collateral and rolled out internally first and then externally.


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