Siemens Communications at the time of this work was the worlds leading provider of communications solutions for mobile, landlines and corporate networks.



The brief was to roll out a new global campaign for
‘Open Communications’, Siemens new, human centric business communications platforms based on open standards.



Slang for business

The visual style agreed was the to use the Siemens subsidiary colour pallet with large one or tow word headlines with a focus on letting typography tell the story (copywriting was key here) but we all chipped in with key words that would attract the attention and start the telling of a story.


This doesn't sound like a B2B ad!   

Bling Bling, Kerrching, Whooosh, Chill out, now open, result, were our key headlines each helping to lead into a story about the business benefits of having open communications from Siemens. These were then translated for the global roll out by the regional agencies we worked with.


Online hub

The strategy was the same as the ‘LifeWorks’ campaign that went before it where the website is the hub and on and offline traffic is guided there so that they could interact with a host of materials. We did a lot of filming of people against a green screen so that we could animate type and block colour behind them.


Simple in look complex in movement

This lead to a very simple but eye catching style where because of the simplicity of the look and feel we could then make more of animation of the typography, at the time the style ‘kinetic type’ was emerging and this gave the campaign a very current feel.


On and offline executions of the concept tied in together. Customers would be retargeted with direct mail printed pieces and emails.


Overall the campaign was a great success delivering 350% achievement against targets with over 1 million unique visitors to the website gaining a footfall increase of 150% at industry events.